At ANS, we embrace continuous improvement as a core value. In fact, our sales revenue has posted a remarkable increase of 150 per cent-with a double-fold increase in production capacity-between 2005 and 2008, thanks to the efforts our staff has made over these years.


As a forward-looking company with board vision, ANS has been serving customers all around the world, producing and exporting PCBs for a wide array of electronic products as well as industries. At present, Europe is being our largest market with some 45 per cent of our total export. Next to it is the USA market, with 30 per cent of the output. Insofar as the product is concerned, we emphasize the production of high-end PCBs for telecommunication and power supply products, the sum of which counts 75 per cent. In addition, our multi-layers PCBs have been the most popular type of PCBs among others in recent years.